Jerry Brown On APT This Weekend

This weekend – Sunday, March 15, at 6pm – APT is showing a little documentary about Jerry Brown (it doesn’t show up on Tivo listings or their own grid, but they’re doing a donor weekend and this is part of it).  This is how APT describes the show:

For a $200 pledge, donors will receive what APT calls a Jerry Brown “face vase” which looks like the one-gallon face jugs he sells from his site at the bottom of this page.  Donors will also receive a copy of the documentaries Quiltmakers of Gee’s Bend and Mr. Dial Has Something to Say.  

What’s confusing about the Jerry Brown promotion APT is doing, though, is that they say that:

Here’s your opportunity to acquire a limited edition piece from one of Alabama’s most renowned artists…Jerry Brown, the pottery maker whose face jugs have made his work coveted by collectors, is creating a one-of-a-kind Face-Vase exclusively for Alabama Public Television.

These LIMITED pieces will be personally signed and numbered…and when this special opportunity passes, Jerry will break the Mold! He WILL NOT REPEAT this piece.

Jerry makes these on the wheel, so how will he break the mold?  Maybe they just mean that this will be a distinctive face that he will not recreate…

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