Jerry Brown Arts Festival

This Saturday and Sunday (March 7 & 8) is the Jerry Brown Arts Festival in Hamilton.  There are 51 confirmed artists who will be there, including:

Jerry Brown (obviously…)

Tom Henry from Philadelphia, MS who makes the whirligigs
Maryilyn Huey, a Cherokee basketmaker from Springville
Allen Ham, potter from Selma (from a long line of potters)
Mark Williams, potter from Bogart, Georgia
James Brassfield, turkey call maker from Hamilton
George Jones, Jr., broom maker from Florence
Chris Clark, folk artist from B’ham (I think this is Chris’ first year at the JBAF)
The entire list of artists is here.  
The festival is being held at the old Wal-Mart building in Hamilton which should be much better because the old location was just so tight.  The B’ham News just did a story about Jerry Brown, here.  See you there!

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