Jerry Brown Arts Festival

We did go to the Jerry Brown Arts Festival this weekend – it was busy!  In fact, when we got there, one of the volunteers said that early Saturday morning, the entire Wal-Mart parking lot (this year’s event was in the old W-M building in Hamilton) was completely covered up.  

There were 52 confirmed artists, but I didn’t see three on the list that I was looking for: Lonnie Holley, Chris Clark, and Tom Henry.  We got there mid-afternoon on Saturday, and besides a $1000 face jug and some small cup-size ones, these were the only face jugs Jerry Brown had left:

(which I liked because they had the kind of hat JB always wears, but it wasn’t the kind of thing I just *had* to take home)  And maybe it is just this economy, but we actually left without buying a single thing.  There wasn’t anything I just couldn’t leave without.  Next year we will have to get there earlier – I have a feeling that all the really wonderful pieces were already gone by the time we got there.
On the way out, Av saw a sign outside for “fried moon pies”.  Yes.  I guess it was just the novelty of the thing.  Well, at least he didn’t eat the whole moon pie!

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