Hatch Baby Announcements

The baby announcements are here! We spent all weekend making out envelopes and we have about 200 of them going out today.  We are *so* happy with how they turned out…Hatch Show Print (the famous letterprint house in Nashville) did a fantastic job with a four-week turnaround – we gave them the information and told them that we trusted that they would make it wonderful.  They did!

One of my newest friends, Charles Buchanan, reminded me that Hatch Show Print art is a traveling exhibit by the Smithsonian Institution that’s starting in Seattle right now and will go from place to place around the country, through 2010. 

BTW, Charles is a printmaker.  We have a couple of his pieces here at home, and Av has a large canvas at his office.  See this neon sign?  
Andrew's Bar-B-Q in East Lake, just outside of B'ham

Charles made a print inspired by the Andrews’ Bar-B-Q sign.  This is in our kitchen:

We were so in love with that neon sign that when the restaurant went out of business, a sign went up in the window with an Atlanta phone number and Av called them saying that if the building was sold and the owner was going to get rid of the sign, to call him and he would consider buying it.  I don’t have the faintest idea where we would ever put it, but…

This little caddy I use in the kitchen for the ceiling fan, roomba, and tv remote.  It’s of Penny the Dog, an animated sign at the 1st Ave viaduct in B’ham.  

This is how Charles describes his process:

All of my block prints begin with an interesting photo, which I reduce to line art with a computer and tracing paper. After rubbing the back of the paper to transfer a backward image of the picture onto a rubber block, I use metal gouges to carve away every part of the image I do not want to print. Then I roll ink onto the block and press it to paper or wood to create the final printed image. Because each piece is printed individually and by hand, no two prints are ever exactly alike. I also enjoy layering, mixing, and “ghosting” the images to create one-of-a-kind pieces that feel both vintage and modern.

Charles’ work is here and his blog is here.  He told me that he saw my pics from Abbeville and wants to get down there to look around.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

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