Barn Quilts

Last year, I wrote about how Kentucky is doing a quilt trail right now in ten eastern counties that feature painted quilt squares hung on barns.

And in Tennessee, they are doing the Appalachian Quilt Trail:

…they’re doing preorders for a special quilt trail car tag too.

There are more quilt trails: western North Carolina, Alcona County in Michigan, western New York

Here in Alabama, there are a set of ten Gee’s Bend quilt designs made into murals (real 8 ft. x 8ft. on plywood murals, not quilt designs on barns) that were finished and installed around Gee’s Bend last year.

There’s a company in North Carolina called Way Back When Barn Quilts that will even ship premade/prepainted barn quilts with the hardware necessary to hang them:

…and will take custom orders for patterns they don’t stock.

Can you imagine Gee’s Bend quilts like Lola Pettway’s Housetop Variation or Nancy Pettway’s Bricklayer Variation or Nettie Young’s Houstop Medallion or well, really, any of these quilt designs that are currently available at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle on barns all over Alabama?  That would be something else!  

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