With A Name Like Gordo…

We were planning on going to Kosciusko to visit Miss Hull’s house (I’ll post that either later this week or early next) and on the way went through Gordo, Alabama. When we were going through town, I realized that we should stop for a minute.

Ah, we had the most terrific time! Okay – first of all, we drove into downtown Gordo and here’s what’s on one street corner – a bench advertising “Outhouse Bar-B-Q”:

I know Av’s thinking of that Smucker’s commercial, except…: “with a name like ‘Outhouse’, it has to be good”.

I love it when people have a sense of humor.

So, one of the first businesses downtown is this pretty building with the metal sculptures – this is the studio/gallery of Barbara Lee Black. Her photographs are limited edition of Ilfochrome prints, and she assembles her own unique frames. Her story is really interesting and includes Ma’Cille, and Ma’Cille’s son Glenn House, Sr. who we also met that day.

Ma’Cille, Glenn House Sr’s mother, ran her own museum called Ma’Cille’s Museum of Miscellanea and it housed one of everything, including a pair of possums playing checkers (taxidermy possums), more dolls that you could count, a chewing gum jar, a mummy, bottles, fossils, and no-telling-what-else. It’s gone now, but people still talk about what a wonderful collection of…well…what a wonderful Museum of Miscellanea…it really was.

I’m putting a post from our visit with Amos Kennedy (Kennedy Prints!) in the next post – but after we got together, Amos walked us over to Glenn House Sr.’s gallery that he runs with his wife, Kathy Fetters. It’s housed in this NAPA Auto Parts store, ‘Studio 121’ at 121 North Main (205.364.1500):

I don’t know *why* I didn’t take a pic of Glenn. He’s one of these people that the minute you meet, you just know you’re going to be fast friends. So warm. He had Shug go around and turn on the gallery lights and a ceiling fan (which is one of Shug’s favorite things to do…I mean, his first word ever was “light”!).

Amos picked Shug up, but you can tell from this picture that Shug was thinking, “it would be a lot more fun to run around in here and explore than be held by mommy or daddy or Amos!”:

This is inside Glenn and Kathy’s gallery:

A wall of Kathy’s photography – but really you *have* to see it here best:

This is one of Kathy’s pics of Glenn.

Also available in the gallery are metalwork sculptures by Glenn’s son, who created the giant fire ant in Northport. He has some armadillos here and an Elvis pig:

…and Glenn House Sr. is no artistic slouch, either. He is a printer, calligrapher, sculptor, was the first full-time staff artist for University of Alabama Publications, and he is probably best known as the designer of the Moon Winx sign in Alberta City (outside Tuscaloosa):

This sign has been featured all over. Just iconic. Beautiful…

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