Rural Studio at Perry Lakes Park

After we left Brent, we went to Marion and over to Perry Lakes Park.  Just outside the park, there used to be a Federal Fish Hatchery that raised black bass, bream, and crappie – it’s closed – but the Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center (that’s in the pic below) is open, raising certain kinds of aquatic wildlife, including mollusks.  This is where the turnoff to Perry Lakes Park is – there’s just one tiny sign so it’s very easy to miss:

Auburn’s Rural Studio has built a few different things here – a pavilion (for whatever reason we didn’t go out to it), a boardwalk leading to a birding tower,

Restroom facilities:

…and a covered bridge:

When I was out looking at the boardwalk, three people came up and were talking about the buildings – I asked if they were with the Rural Studio – they were – and I asked if they knew my friend Jessie who lives in Ocean Springs now and had also been in the Rural Studio at Auburn.  They knew her!  I am so proud of her, too, because since she’s graduated, she’s been working at the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio helping people rebuild after Katrina.  Everything they come up with is just smart-smart

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