(Real) Mexican In The ‘Ham, Part 3

This past week, we finished searching for the best authentic taco in town.  It all got started with an article in the B’ham News – so we did part one and part two just for fun – and now we’re done.  The addresses and translations for the meats are all at the article link. 

Okay.  First on this trip was Taqueria Mexico in Hoover.  Carnitas:



All of those were good, and had really-really good flour tortillas.

The other place we tried was Camino Real in Pelham – chorizo, carnitas, and barbacoa.  Also, very good.

So now that we’ve done all those different places, and tried most of what was recommended in the paper, the best tacos are at the second place we ever tried: Gordo’s on Valley Avenue (they’re listed in the first post).

That was actually pretty fun…now I wonder where we can find *real* Chinese.  There was one place we found in the back of an Asian grocery where we just pointed to pictures of things that looked good…maybe we should try that again… 

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