Proceed And Be Bold! On DVD

I got a review copy last week of ‘Proceed And Be Bold!’, the documentary about Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. – Kennedy Prints – it’s out on dvd now.

The great thing about the documentary is that it gets out of the way of Amos Kennedy; the filmmakers are not out to prove some point.  It’s just “who is Amos Kennedy?  What makes him do what he does?  This is.”.

The film discusses his attitude toward art and its value (a good amount of film time was well-spent in this area), his opinions on race, fun with the post office, how to properly skip (yeah.), why he left a good job with AT&T for 19th century technology (or: how a trip to Colonial Williamsburg can completely change your life.  Really.), how to irritate university staff and others via nappygrams, making art books – esp. his riddle book, having APK for a boyfriend, and how women should behave at Tee’s in York.
His family, college instructors, art experts, and friends are interviewed and you really get a sense of who he is.  Which…turns out…is someone very, very special.

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