Downtown Abbeville

Abbeville, Alabama was the last town we spent any time in on the Union Springs/Eufaula trip before heading home.  We got there at dark and it was like some kind of film set – the little downtown was neat and clean as it could be and so many of the buildings had vintage signs:

Buster Brown shoes!!  

This is their storefront display:

…and they have a Red Goose neon sign!  Bill Christenberry has one of these too.

Across the street:

Rexall Drugs neon sign:

Car service:

This Philco Radio sign – this store was playing music onto the sidewalk:

When we drove in to town, we had wanted to have supper at Huggin’ Mollys, but they are closed Sunday evenings:

It’s owned by Jimmy Rane, the Yella Fella whose grandfather started Great Southern Wood.

It’s called “Huggin’ Molly’s” after a local legend about a giant woman who would roam the streets of Abbeville late at night, chasing after and sneaking up on children to give them a *great big* hug and scream in their ears.  There are actually other (different) Huggin’ Molly legends in different parts of the South.

During the day, they serve sandwiches and things like that, then at night the menu changes so that it’s more sophisticated (fried quail with cheese grits, Delmonico steak, etc. although there are still things like chicken pot pie).  On their menu online, they have “come back” sauce trademarked.  I wonder if the comeback sauce they make is like the kind that’s served a lot around Jackson since that is so well known (and how you can trademark something like that)?  I have a recipe for the comeback sauce we have here at home.  Theirs may be something totally different, though.  Hmmm.

I would love to come back during the day and see what downtown looks like…

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