Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

The first place we went in Gordo was Amos Kennedy‘s shop, right downtown. There’s a small sign outside, “Studio 150” and a Dr. Bob “Be Nice or Leave” in the window, plus one of Amos’ “The More I Learn About Politicians, The More I Like Mules” posters – so I knew this had to be his workspace/studio/office:

I walked in and saw him talking with some other people in the back – it was the weekend so I wasn’t certain if the shop was “open” – so I asked if I could come in and everyone introduced themselves…so nice! Besides Amos, a couple of people were there working with him on a small book project (the book is small, not the project. It is inspired by the Italian gentleman whose name escapes me at the moment, but who is mentioned in the Proceed and Be Bold documentary dvd. A lovely idea.).

Amos keeps his posters for sale in these bins up front:

Shug was taking it all in:

We left with four posters – here are two that we put up in the baby’s room:

I didn’t post it last time, but here is the short trailer for the Proceed and Be Bold documentary:

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