(Real) Mexican In The ‘Ham, Part 2

Last week, I posted about the article in the B’ham News about authentic Mexican food, and so we went out and tried some of the places that were recommended.  Well, we had so much fun we decided the next week to keep going and try some of the others.  This is a carnitas from Cantina, which is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the city:

Pretty good.

Next we were off to La Perla in Bessemer (all the addresses and food translations, etc are here in the article).  They sold Cokes from Mexico – and Coke from Mexico never switched over to using high fructose corn syrup back in the ’80s, so it’s still made with just regular sugar.  If you’re used to drinking American coke and you’re old enough to remember “old” Coca-Cola, once you taste this you’re like “oh yeah I remember now!  This is what Coke is supposed to taste like!”.  Or maybe that’s just me.  
Aand it’s in a glass bottle which makes it somehow taste better anyway.
Around Passover every year, Coke makes a portion of what they ship with sugar rather than HFCS so that it can be served during the holiday (because corn is one of the foods that isn’t consumed).  That Coke has yellow bottle caps.  
We also have the Dublin Dr. Pepper plant in Texas ship us some of theirs for Passover because they *never* switched their Dr.P over to HFCS and one of my friends loves it.  The shipping cost is a little crazy, though.  You can pick up Dublin Dr.P at the Fondren Beverage Emporium, though, if you’re in Jackson.
Anyway – here it is on the bottle.  I guess they have to add the sticker because it’s not mandatory in Mexico to put the nutritional information on the bottle:

So….what we had at La Perla was (from L-R) campechana (pretty good), carnitas (alright), cachete (okay), chiccarone (did not like that at all) – all on single corn tortillas:

The last place was called Girasol II.  Av said it was weird inside because it was a former Shoney’s that still had Asian furniture inside from when the place used to be a Chinese restaurant.  We got two carnitas and a cuertos, each on two corn tortillas.  Not bad, but nothing on this part of town even came close to what was on Valley Avenue, particularly Gordo’s.  

Next week: Part 3 – the end to the search for the best taco…

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