No More Made-In-Mississippi Gail

I just found out this week – thanks to Ellen (thanks Ellen!) – that Gail Pittman is stopping the manufacture of her Mississippi-made ceramics.

She’s still going to design her products, it’s just that they will be licensed to other companies, namely Southern Living At Home and the Paula Deen At Home Collection and I guess it will be up to those companies as to where their products will be made.

The Mississippi facility where Gail’s things are made now is closing, so I guess now’s the time to complete a collection since all those original, signed designs won’t be made anymore.  She talks about it here in a video, and there’s also a statement on her website.

I was thinking “well, we still have Mandy Bagwell making her things in Montgomery”, but I just emailed them and got an answer that they’ve had to go overseas with their production.
I can think of several Alabama & Mississippi pottery studios that make their own tablewear (McCarty, Good Earth, Earthborn, etc etc etc) but not any studios like Gail Pittman and Mandy Bagwell that do colorful, hand-painted ceramic dishes.  Anybody else know?

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