Moon Pie Over Mobile

I wish we had been there! This year for New Year’s, Mobile lowered a 600lb. electronic Moon Pie at midnight, which is only appropriate since over four million MoonPies get thrown during Mardi Gras. I bet Chattanooga is wishing they had thought of this idea, since they’re the home of the bakery that makes MPs!

They also served 5000 MoonPies and 5000 cups of coffee, and another 5000 cups of hot chocolate. RC, the *perfect* MP accompaniment, donated a few thousand cans too. Plus, the bakery made the world’s largest real, edible moon pie for the event. It weighed 55 pounds!

The nicest part is that the money made are going to the Salvation Army and McKemmie Place, a shelter for homeless women.

Today starts Carnival season – time for king cakes (and all kinds of other wonderful things)!

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