Miss Gracious Living, and Enjoying New Orleans Food Every Day

At the Southern Accents website, there’s a new blog called Miss Gracious Living, and it’s wonderful (plus one of the writers is Dawn, the Managing Editor there – hi Dawn!).  Last week, Karen, who is another contributor, even posted a short video about how to recreate at home the “Orange Thing” cocktail that’s made at Highlands.  

What’s funny is that one of the other posts was about poor customer service – it reminded me of a time I went to Hancock Fabrics and the same person wound up cutting the fabric I picked out as well as ran the cash register.  The whole time, the woman didn’t say *anything* to me, even when it would have been very appropriate to have done so (like telling me how much I owed, rather than me seeing it on the cash register display).  I left thinking how nice it was that Hancock Fabrics employed people with this kind of disability.  I mean, she had no trouble doing her job if you discount the not-talking part.  What a great company Hancock is. 
The next week, I walked in, and the same employee was just gabbing-gabbing-gabbing on her cell phone!  I thought about telling a manager but didn’t want to disclose how incredibly gullible/dumb I was!  hahaha!!  
Anyway, just like in the pages of the magazine, they are posting some gorgeous pictures and it really is lovely

(this is a pic I took from our last lunch at Galatoire’s)

YAY! I just found out this week that Tom Fitzmorris’ radio show – The Food Show on 1350 AM – is streaming live on the web each weekday from 4-7pm. It’s here.

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