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Last week, the January/February issue of Mississippi Magazine came in the mail. And that means one thing:

Wedding Register 2009!!!

Now, most of them (I think there are about 350 different wedding announcements) are garden variety – who was there and what they wore, where they were, the flowers, the honeymoon location, and where they live now.

The ones that are wonderful are the ones where the couple did something totally different – something totally *them* – and those are the ones I and everybody else love.

Here are some of the best excerpts:

Following the ceremony, the wedding party rode Oxford’s double-decker bus to the reception…
…Favorite special dishes were 208 South Lamar crab cakes and wontons and Taylor Grocery fried catfish and hushpuppies. The late night “chicken-on-a-stick” from McPhail’s Chevron topped off the evening.

The two-tiered chocolate fudge groom’s cake was filled with a peanut butter mousse, surrounded by Reese’s peanut butter cups, and decorated with fondant reeds and a fondant mallard.

The groom’s cake…was a superb replica of the Lyceum, the historic administrative building at the University of Mississippi.

The groom’s three-tiered chocolate cake featured a hunting theme with edible turkey feathers and shot gun shells…and was placed on a camouflage overlay. (This was Brodie Croyle’s wedding)

…the bride donned a pair of blue suede shoes only reminiscent of an Elvis fan and Tupelo bride for her “something blue”. The priests and all of the wedding party joined in on the fun at the end of the ceremony by being “All Shook Up” in their traditional Elvis glasses.

Colonel Reb made a special appearance, arranged by the bride, a former Ole Miss Homecoming Queen, in honor of her groom, a former quarterback at Mississippi State.

The groom’s cake was a wild hog displayed in a wetland of beige tulle, fresh wildflowers, and cypress knees retrieved by the bride’s father and grandparents.


And what, after all, could be more grand than resounding brass, the throbbing beat snare drums and ‘From Dixie With Love’ rising to an upbeat crescendo?

That’s right. The Ole Miss Pride of the South band was hired to to come to the wedding:

If you have ever been to an Ole Miss game, the band plays this right after the Rebel Walk and just before kickoff.

Why did I not think of this? We could have had the Million Dollar Band show up and play Stars Fell on Alabama! Although…gosh there’s a part of me that wonders just how much that must have cost.

The post about last year’s issue is here.

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