Ft. Payne Up To Mentone

A couple of weeks ago, we drove up to Mentone by going through Fort Payne.  Here are just some really quick pics:

Downtown has a couple of buildings that used to be theaters, one called the Strand and the other the Dekalb Theatre, a hosiery museum (really – socks “built” this town), statues of the members of the group Alabama who are from this area, and the 1889 Opera House.  They are still hosting events at the Opera House – would love to see the inside!
This is the gorgeous train depot: 
I had totally forgotten until we were up there that this area was where Sequoyah lived while he developed the Cherokee alphabet or maybe it’s called a syllabary?
Ft. Payne is also where Orbix Hot Glass is located.  I have one small-small piece of theirs; it is all just beautiful…
The reason these pics are so dark is that it was *so* foggy that day.  This house was on County Road 89 between Ft. Payne and DeSoto State Park:

What I liked the most, though, was that people are still using barns around here to advertise on:

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