Beautiful Homes Of Eufaula

These are just a few of the gorgeous-gorgeous homes in Eufaula:

This is the 1895 Foy-Beasley-Hamilton home on N. Eufaula Avenue, and it was designed by George Franklin Barber:

1884 Shorter Mansion:

Sparks-Bennett Home (1909):

Some of these I don’t know the name of – this one is under restoration:

1860s Kendall Manor:

This is a close-up of the top:

1907 Holleman-Foy home:

Hart House:

1850s Dean-Page Hall:

1853 Rhodes-Schaub-Winkleblack home:

1860 Fendall Hall:

1858 Cato-Watson home:

Each year, Eufaula has a spring pilgrimage, and this year it is April 3, 4, and 5.  

Eufaula has been called “the Natchez of Alabama” because of all the gorgeous homes.  This was just a small-small collection of the pics I took, and I left out all kinds of really great houses just because there were so many!  I think Eufaula probably has as many or more fantastic homes as Natchez.  Not as many of them have been turned into B&Bs or have restaurants inside them, but they are just incredible…

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