We’re Going To Make The World’s Largest Quilt

I got an email from Jennifer Marsh yesterday that she got approval to wrap the Saturn V Rocket at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville in what will be the world’s largest quilt!

(Update: I was just thinking last night – wouldn’t the AIDS quilt be the world’s largest? Maybe Jennifer means the largest knit quilt. Hmmm…)

The rocket is 363′ tall, so the quilt should work out to be something close to the size of a football field. The idea is to get students, teachers, and individuals from over 100 countries involved to make the pieces for the quilt. The installation is projected to be May and June of 2010.

There’s more about it at the International Fiber Collaborative website, including a small handmade model of the Saturn V with a hand-sewn cover made by Jennifer for sale!

The tree project – where a tree at Big Springs Park in Huntsville will be wrapped – is coming up. Jennifer needs all the leaves by March 15, 2009 (30,000 of them, total!). The post about the tree project is here, but the sizes of the leaves she needs has changed since then. She is asking that leaves now be 5″ wide at their thickest and 7″ long. Everything about the tree project is here at the IFC website.

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