We Are A Mess Sometimes!

Some people send out the *best* holiday photo cards. They’ve got everyone all together, smiling, doing something wonderful or funny, not posed – just a candid shot. Those are the most fun to get. We got some really nice cards in the mail this year, and although I intended for us to send out pop-up cards, I also thought about maybe doing a photo card. Here’s why we didn’t. We are such a mess sometimes (in a good way, though!):

Okay, here we are all together in front of the kudzu bottle tree, but there’s only a smidge of the baby:

Ooooh he’s starting to cry and Av isn’t looking at the camera:

Okay, a little better:

Oh but now Shug’s not looking and the baby isn’t getting any happier:

Oooh and this isn’t quite right either (you can see, I’m like “okay everybody we can do it this time! I know we can!!”):

So…that’s why we didn’t send out any photo cards this year! Maybe next year!

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