Starbucks – Inspired Yarn Wreath

Yesterday I went to Starbucks to see if they had any cute Chanukah-themed things for sale (really this year it was just a mug and a travel cup) *but* they had the most wonderful wreaths inside, made to look like they were composed of balls of yarn:

Love that! Well, the wreaths aren’t for sale, but I figured they would be really easy to make….I went straight to the craft shop for supplies…

Styrofoam balls of two different sizes – I used 12 large and about 10 small
Ornaments if you want to use those too
Yarn in different colors (mine is for Chanukah so I used dark blue, silver, and white)
Glue – I used Sobo
Hot Glue
Floral pins (these helped but I don’t think they’re 100% necessary)

Making the large and small balls is done the same way – put some glue on the ball, start yarn running through the glue to make a good start:

Wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap in all different directions so it really does look like a yarn ball:

Finish the ball by putting more glue on the yarn and wrapping the strand into it several times to make a good closure. Sobo glue dries clear so you don’t have to worry about it showing:

I didn’t want the wreath to be a certain number of any certain colors:

Arranged them into a circle:

Used floral pins – one leg of the pin bent to go into a ball on the left-hand side, the other leg into the neighboring ball. I did this so I’d be sure to get a good circle shape. This step really may not be necessary, but I think it helped me.

Once I had all the large styrofoam balls made into a circle shape, I hot glued them all together. Here you can see the hot glue joint and also the floral pin peeking out:

Here it is, drying:

I used these smaller yarn balls to cover those floral pins:

…hot-glued those on in varying places, and since I made this for Chanukah, I hung a silver dreidel with clear string from the bottom of the wreath hanger so it looks like it’s actually hanging from the wreath (but the dreidel is pretty heavy and I didn’t want to put a lot of stress on the wreath). Here it is!:

If you make this for Christmas, besides the color change, you could hot-glue on some different ornaments to make it more like the Starbucks wreath.

I can just see this made for a girl’s room, made with pink and green yarns, or if you celebrate Easter, in pastel colors.

What do you think!?

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