Slick Lizard To Sulligent

Now that the baby’s a bit older, we’re starting to go on more little trips. This past weekend we sort-of started in Slick Lizard:

But we did not “fill our gizzard at Slick Lizard”. Although they do have the Slick Lizard Smokehouse there, which is supposed to have some good barbecue…:

Slick Lizard is right next to Nauvoo – this is their downtown:

Next was Haleyville, which is where the first 9-1-1 phone call was made. The president of the Alabama Telephone Company decided to beat AT&T in installing the first 9-1-1 emergency system – so on February 16, 1968 at 2pm, they placed the first ceremonial call. There’s a big sign about it:

At Hillcrest Cemetery in Haleyville is the monument for Arthur C. Drewry (1877-1936) and his wife Bertha (1888-1943). Mr. Drewry owned a mercantile business, and after he passed away, his wife commissioned a sculptor to carve his likeness from a photograph for their monument. She was so pleased that she had the sculptor do the same for her:

Someone put a penny in their hands:

This is the 1948 Dixie Theatre downtown:

…and the Dixie Den right next door, where you can get a Dixie Dog:

The old Feldman’s store is at the end of the street. It’s owned by Dr. Joe Teal who is a retired chiropractor that Av and I met when he first bought the building several years ago. I think he’s made it into more of a banquet facility:

This is a pic that Av took of one of the rooms inside on our first visit with him, after it was renovated:

Dr. Teal told us that when the building was being cleaned out, some workers took this large old advertising sign and were going to put it in the dumpster – he caught them just in time:

Next we went through Winfield which is the home of Roger’s Car Lot Barbecue (it started out as a used car business, then the owner built a pit and sold barbecue at the side of the building for some extra money – now the building is used for the barbecue restaurant):

Winfield also has the 1937 Pastime Theatre:

At night, when we were driving back through:

I’ve been thinking that it’s going to be so much fun when the boys get older and want to go see animated movies – we can make it a big production and go to different drive-in movie theaters and “camp out” in the back of Av’s Acadia with blankets and snacks… Anyway, this is the Blue Moon Drive-In in Gu-Win. Or maybe it’s in Guin? I’m not sure.

There’s one town in Alabama called “Guin” and another practically right next door called “Gu-Win”. I’m thinking it’s in Gu-Win.

The last thing we took a pic of before heading home was this giant cedar of Lebanon tree on Hwy 278 in Sulligent. It’s the largest one in the state:

I’ve seen giant live oak trees have their limbs dip down to the ground, but didn’t realize that this kind of tree could do that too:

This website has a list of all the open and closed drive-ins in every state. I’ve heard that the nicest drive-in in Alabama is the one in Dothan – it has four screens: Starlight, Skyview, Dixieland, and The Goober (well, Dothan is the Peanut Capital of the World…).

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