Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone who celebrates it is having a *very* Merry Christmas!

Ever since I got the Sundance catalog with the vintage Santa and reindeer available this year, I’ve been enjoying more of the older-type decorations. I love it too, because these are mostly found in well-established neighborhoods and sometimes they’re in parts of town that I’ve never seen before. Ooooh there are some really great ones!

This is Joe Minter’s nativity:

This house has all blue lights inside, and every front window has at least one white Christmas tree in it – the ones in the main window actually rotate!!:

There’s another house not too-too far from us that must have at least 20 inflatable decorations. For two or three nights before Christmas, the gentleman that owns the house dresses up as Santa and waves and says “ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!” to all the children in cars that come by. We explained to the boys that Santa comes by on Christmas Eve and visits all the Christian children all over the world bringing them presents (whereas…um… we have presents for eight nights and mommy and daddy bring them… plus nobody has to come down a chimney!).

It’s hard to make out Santa in this picture but I think it’s so great that this nice man does this for all the children:

Well, I made nine pies this year for the church that feeds the hungry (my chess pies especially turned out nice!) and when Av delivered them, he got a pic of Shug looking at the tree that decorates their social hall:

(I did let the baby go out in his pajamas but it was so early in the morning that they made the delivery!)

*And* Av and I went out for a little lunch! Av’s parents came by and played with the boys while we went on our first date since before Shug was born. Here I am with my glasses on (giving my eyes a break from my contacts) being goofy, and there’s Av too! We went to Ruth’s Chris and goodness-gracious they were so busy! Av had made a reservation earlier even though we figured it would be pretty quiet, and when we arrived we were so glad we did because every single table they had was occupied!

Well, whether you are slicing into a ham at home – or a filet from Ruth’s Chris – I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

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