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Possum Cupcakes

Last week, I was asked for permission to post my pic (above) of the possum cupcakes from our sukkah party on the blog Cupcakes Take The Cake (the girls were on Martha Stewart’s show last year). Of course, I said “yes!”.

I went to CTTC to see if they had posted it yet (not yet), and noticed that their post from Monday mentioned an exhibit going on right now in B’ham at Space One Eleven – the work is by Spencer Shoults and it’s entitled “Cupcakes!”. We drove over last night to see:

Spencer Shoults "Cupcakes!" Show At Space One Eleven, Birmingham

The signage beside the first work is pretty typical, except instead of saying what medium the art is (watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, etc) it lists “ingredients”. Here’s the list:

Ingredients: acetic acid, acrylic tubing, baking powder, bolts, distilled water, eggs, eye bolts, flour, food coloring, glass, glue, grain alcohol, graphite, honey, hose clamps, hydrogen peroxide, icing, masonite, milk, motor oil, nails, paint, plastic caps, pvc tubing, salt, screws, shortening, silicone, silicone tape, sprinkles, sugar, teflon tape, valves, vanilla extract, white wine, wire, wood

It’s a series of what looks like shadowboxes filled with…well…smushed cupcakes. There’s a kind of jug above them with clear liquid and tubing that goes directly into the shadowbox. And below the cupcakes is what looks like liquid, except now it’s colored, I guess by filtering through the cupcake layer?

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