Frank Stitt’s New Cookbook

Yay! This week, I got Frank Stitt’s new cookbook, Bottega Favorita : A Southern Chef’s Love Affair With Italian Food – and guess what? It is *wonderful*.

Well, as wonderful as a cookbook can be without actually trying some of the recipes yet…but right now I have some chicken marinating in the refrigerator so we can have ‘chicken under a brick’, page 154, tonight for supper. I’m thinking that I might just do recipes out of this new book for the next week or two – there’s so much I want to try. And what makes it even better is that there are plenty of pictures (not one for every dish, but enough) and that there is an introduction to every recipe – so you either get the idea behind why something is prepared the way it is, or what the inspiration was for a dish, or just a good story behind it.

The cookbook is named for his restaurant Bottega in B’ham, which is always-always busy.

Warren St. John, who wrote Rammer Jammer, did the foreword which is nice too. And in the cookbook, there’s mention of special suppliers – Coosa Valley Milling & Hardware‘s cornmeal and grits (which we know & buy as McEwen’s), Wright Dairy (where Av and I used to drive all the way there, outside Anniston, for their buttermilk and non-homogenized milk), and people/businesses I wasn’t familiar with before, like Henry Fudge’s pork and Snow’s Bend Farm. More sources are in the back of the book. Can’t wait to look up some of the other ones I didn’t know before.

Anyway, tonight Frank Stitt will be at the Williams-Sonoma at the Summit in B’ham to sign copies bought there at 6pm. My friend Kathy is the shop manager, so it will be wonderful!

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