Christmas Cubes

Last week, the B’ham News had an article about a employees at a company in Irondale decorating their cubicles for Christmas.

I used to work at a company where everyone had cubicles – everyone. Our old company had been bought by a Canadian company (which promptly moved our operations up there) so a small group of us bought part of the company back. Suddenly we went from a group of 115 to a group of about ten. And we didn’t need or could afford our beautiful office building in our lovely corporate park, so we leased a space further out of town in a new development where the office area was like a giant studio apartment – no walls at all.

I have got so many funny stories from our old office! One day I will have to tell the story about the guy who was even worse than I am about turning words around and mispronouncing things, so bad that one person even kept a notebook of his sayings! Okay…I will go ahead and tell one – this one is my favorite.

This guy worked in our warehouse and for whatever reason came to my office and we started talking about his interest in the ocean and ocean life.

He told me how he really liked “those shows that used to be on PBS where the French guy would dive into the water and swim around with the fish and the sharks. He was a scientist. You know, that French guy, what was his name? Oh yeah:


Not Jacques Cousteau, but Jock Crisco!! And not even really “Crisco” but the emphasis was on the second syllable, to make it even funnier! It was more like…you know…that French guy…Jock CrisCO.

Oh I could have just passed out from holding in my giggles!

Well, anyway, at the new company that was formed, every single one of us got a cubicle since there was no time and really no money to transform the area into offices. Well, when you are used to a *real* office with a *real* door and *real* windows and *real* office furniture, cubicle living takes a little getting used to. Now that I’ve seen the pics from that article, I wish we could have maybe gotten everybody in on a little fun like decorating our cubes for the holidays. Our company is still around (I left a while back so Av and I could start our family) albeit smaller, but we had so many really smart, creative people there, I know that some of the ideas would have been terrific.

I did a search just now on Flickr and found some other people who decorated their cubes:
Wrapping paper cube
Stockings hung by the fireplace with care
Gingerbread cube
The Elf cube
Even one with an inflatable!

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