Slotin Folk Art Auction This Weekend

—I knew I wouldn’t be able to put any new posts up with the new baby home, so I did a few before the new baby came, using Blogger’s feature to publish posts automatically for a date in the future. ((Just so you aren’t wondering how I am able to do this with a newborn!))—

This weekend, November 8, is the Slotin Folk Art Auction. We won’t be able to attend, but we may bid online for a couple of things (you can sign up for that here). We’ve gotten a couple of things from them that way previously and it is so easy.

The pieces I’m most interested in watching are:

* a Lanier Meaders jug from the early 1960s with china plate teeth
* a 1950s Harrison Mayes ‘Get Right With G-d’ sign (there’s a great article about him here)
* a William Edmonson squirrel expected to sell for between $35k-$45k:

* the two Bill Traylor works 1, 2
* four Sister Gertrude Morgan works
* four Clementine Hunter works
* thirteen Howard Finster works, especially this one
* three Thornton Dial works
* seventeen Jimmy Lee Sudduth works
* six B.F. Perkins works
* eleven Mose T lots
* three Sybil Gibson works
* three Bernice Sims works

* the Santos Collection of Chuck and Jan Rosenak – I really didn’t know much about Santos and it’s not something that I will be collecting, but they are gorgeous.
* art by The Highwaymen isn’t really my thing either, but they’re selling a huge collection of it too – it will be interesting to see how well they do

In the press release, they quote Steve Slotin (who founded the auction with his wife Amy):

“American folk art is the only art form I can name that’s not influenced by European masters or the academic community.”
“When you think of the South, you think of blues music and Southern cooking. But folk art is a great visual culture and a truly original art form.”

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