Po Boys

If we were in New Orleans this weekend…we would definitely be at the Po Boy Festival! It’s in its second year. Tom Fitzmorris wrote about it this past week in his daily email (you can sign up for the more thorough five-star edition like I get for the dollar amount it’s worth to you – it’s no set amount) and mentioned how there are more good po boy shops now than ever before.

This is a Ferdi special from Mother’s that we had last year:

The Ferdi Special at Mother's, New Orleans LA

…and this is an oyster po boy from Acme (my favorite). The nice thing about this is – this is the pic that MasterCard contacted me about using in 2006 for their priceless.com promotion, because it’s also Peyton Manning’s favorite food:

Oyster Po Boy from Acme Oyster House in New Orleans

And guess what? Food Network is coming out with their own magazine – they asked me about using one of my pics from Camp Washington Chili in Cincinnati but said they didn’t have any budget and couldn’t pay my usage fee (which…they are a Hearst publication and surely to goodness they have money to spend on photography to put out those first issues, right!? And seriously I wasn’t charging a fortune, but anyway…) so they instead went with a stock photo from the restaurant itself. I still can’t wait to see the issue that Camp Washington is in. I wonder if it’s in this first one, which is supposed to be out right now…hmmm…

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