Outside The Lines

Since Shug spends so much time pointing to all the pictures on our refrigerator at everyone he knows, I’ve been thinking that it’s time to move the pics somewhere else so that they’re still really visible for us to all enjoy but not have them be held up with magnets (so I don’t have to worry about those).

About three years ago, I removed this page from one of my UK decorating magazines and put it in my idea notebook – I think this was from Living Etc.:

…and I figured it was perfect…

We have pics of all our family in the dining room, so on one of the walls we hung a big art frame:

…and filled it inside with pictures using Plasti-tak removable adhesive:

…and I just kept going – it’s going to get bigger than this, even:

On the ‘big’ wall there across from this we have all kinds of family antique photographs and portraits that are in really elaborate frames, and I think this shows who we are more than anything formal or posed, and is such a fun contrast too…

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