New Bottle Trees

—I knew I wouldn’t be able to put any new posts up with the new baby home, so I did a few before the new baby came, using Blogger’s feature to publish posts automatically for a date in the future. ((Just so you aren’t wondering how I am able to do this with a newborn!))—

Dawn (hi Dawn! thanks again!) was super-nice enough to tell me about a *great* garden shop that has bottle trees – and not just bottle trees, but unique bottle tree-inspired pieces like bottle chandeliers, bottle tables, bottle trellises…

It’s called Myers’ Plants and Pottery (205.663.6597), at 2935 Highway 31 S in Alabaster, Alabama. It is a pretty big garden shop – and it doesn’t look like a whole lot from the street but ohmygoodness do they have some of the most fun things there:

This is just one of the more simply shaped bottle trees they carry. The gentleman who makes these for Myers’ makes some of the most original designs – for whatever reason I just didn’t take enough pictures:

Just as Dawn promised, they had trellises with spokes for bottles, chandeliers for bottles…all kinds of things.

They really do have a wide selection of things for the garden – some things I’ve never seen before. Have you ever said to yourself, “what I really need is an Anne Frank planter”? Or maybe Mark Twain, or Frederick Douglass? Um, probably not.

But guess what:

So you know I had to bring some of the bottle tree things home, right!? Here is one of their bottle chandeliers hanging in the sukkah before it got decorated:

Isn’t it gorgeous? Here it is inside the sukkah once Av had gotten started decorating:

I also couldn’t leave without this bottle tree table:

It is going to be great for parties – those flagstones (I think those are flagstones) will make the perfect space for hors d’oeuvres and beverages:

So happy with these! And another nice thing about Myers’ is that when I told the gentleman there what I was interested in, he made me a nice bargain, then when he and Av were going back outside to put a sold sticker on the table, he said something like, “I just like seeing things leave and making people happy”. What a great businessperson! Easygoing and positive – I bet he’s got a lot of good, regular customers (including me now) who shop with him before going anywhere else…

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