It’s Time

It’s time!

The first batch of paperwhites got started today – if you force them now…this week…they’ll very likely be blooming for the holidays. Plus, if you start a few each week, you can have sweet-smelling paperwhite blooms to enjoy for a while to come.

I’ve got four going in Mason jars: filled them up part-way with marbles or rocks, added the bulb:

…topped them with water up to just above the roots on the bulb. In just two or three days the bulb will “wake up” and new roots will be popping out:

Once the roots get going and the water starts to come down, just check them every day or two and add water so that it stays at the same level on the bulb.

I also do a few in glass carafes. These are just some old Manishewitz carafes that I use because the bulb is held so nicely in the top, and once the roots get going it is nice to see how long they get:

In just a couple of days these roots will look totally different:

I always get my bulbs from Smith & Hawken but they are available at just about every garden shop right now too. I put these in a sunny window and they will be taking off in no time!

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