It’s Not Too Early – Is It?

—I knew I wouldn’t be able to put any new posts up with the new baby home, so I did a few before the new baby came, using Blogger’s feature to publish posts automatically for a date in the future. ((Just so you aren’t wondering how I am able to do this with a newborn!))—

A couple of weeks ago, the holiday catalogs for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago came in on the same day – and I couldn’t wait to see what holiday cards they were featuring this year.

Last year, I sent out letterpress holiday cards, and this year, thanks to all the beautiful pop-ups in both catalogs, I think I want to order 3-D cards:

If we celebrated Christmas, I would have to have thought about the Gingerbread house (top left) and the Christmas tree with presents (just below). The pop-up music box by Robert Sabuda pictured in the middle would be perfect for any December holiday too. Since we celebrate Chanukah, though, I’m thinking about either the menorah card on the bottom with the candles sticking up or the top freestanding menorah by Ted Naos in all-white.

I love almost all of Robert Sabuda’s things – he makes all those great pop-up books and these notecards with pop-up cakes. On his website, he even has a section on making home-made pop-ups. Can’t wait for the boys to get big enough so we can try some of those!

If you order cards through Hallmark, they even have a service available to mail cards out to your recipients on your behalf – although that seems a little like cheating, right!? Plus there’s no way to add a little personalized, handwritten message inside.

I think I need to go ahead and get my pop-ups on order.

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