Sukkot Theme Party This Year: A Jewish Redneck Sukkah

Last week I mentioned it was the holiday of Sukkot (“sue-coat”). It’s seven days long plus there are two more holy days at the end – Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. Traditionally, you spend a lot of time in the sukkah (“sook-uh”) you build – eat, visit, throw parties…

We decided to go a little unconventional this year so rather than build a traditional-looking sukkah, we put up a metal-framed ‘garden house’ that was at Home Depot – it wound up making a pretty nice sukkah. Around most of the structure, Av put up reed fencing from Gardener’s Supply to make walls. Here it is when he was just starting:

The theme this year – you’ve probably already figured it out from the pic above (pink flamingos + the OY letters) – is “Jewish Redneck Sukkah”!

Well, the theme was Jewish Redneck but I still wanted it to be beautiful inside – we’ll likely take down the redneck stuff before the holiday is over and do another, more elegant get-together with china and silver – so we put up our bottle tree chandelier, and for our schach (that’s the sukkah roofing) we used kudzu plus spanish moss. Underneath is an outdoor rug from Frontgate. It really is gorgeous inside:

So…what would a Jewish Redneck sukkah have?

pink flamingos
shotgun shell lights

OY letters from the after-holiday sale at Frontgate (from a set of letters to spell out ‘JOY’):

A Budweiser and Dr. Brown’s black cherry can pyramid on the serving table:

I’m not going to say who, but someone referred to this as an “Auburn seven-course meal”: six beers and a roadkill coon:

Kiddush using a Mason jar glass with (what else!?) regular screw-cap Manishewitz graced by a supa-klassy Vulcan wine stopper:

Hungry Jack Biscuit challah (I just took a can of HJ biscuits, kneaded it all together, braided it, put it in the oven at 400* for about…mmmm…maybe 16-18 minutes):

Can you believe it actually turned out to be…not terrible? “Gosh, Ginger, this challah has so many buttery flaky layers!”


A Brawny challah cover:

Cool-Whip containers as serving pieces:

…and for dessert, possum red velvet cupcakes (like the armadillo cake in ‘Steel Magnolias’):

Our bakery really outdid themselves with these cupcakes. When Av picked them up, they were dying to know what kind of party we were having!! After he told them, they thought it was hilarious!

We had so much fun with this theme! Next year we are thinking about doing a beach theme but this one really was funny and got everybody giggling at everything.

I guess it was only appropriate, but during our little redneck-themed get-together, after everyone had helped themselves to supper and no one was looking, in horror I caught our outdoor cat who had jumped up on the serving table and decided it was her turn to eat! Ohmygoodness!! It wasn’t as bad as that scene with the neighbor dogs eating the turkey in ‘A Christmas Story‘ but needless to say, any leftovers that anyone was thinking about taking home went in the trash instead! I guess Tchotchke was just doing her part, getting into the theme!!

(tomorrow I’ll post everything about Kentuck this weekend!)

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