Personalized Fabric

Spoonflower sent me an invitation to join their service (it’s still in Beta)! It gives people…anybody…the ability to upload a file and have it printed on fabric. So whereas I was thinking “where on earth can I go with an idea for a fabric pattern, have it printed, and not have to buy ten-zillion yards?” this is the answer. I’ve been thinking about a couple of different toiles, so now I need to get busy in Photoshop and actually make some files! This is from their website:

Spoonflower gives individuals the power to print their own designs on fabric that they can then use to make quilts, clothes, pillows, blankets, framed textile art and many, many other things that might surprise you.

The craft world happens to be exploding right now. Tired of seeing the same products and the same designs everywhere, more and more people are drawn to the idea of doing it themselves, of creating things that are unique and carry within them a little bit of the passion of the individuals who made them.

The folks who are waging the handmade revolution by and large do so quietly. On blogs, in sewing groups, on Etsy storefronts and in their homes, a growing number of people have decided to make and to share things they think are beautiful. Spoonflower exists to give crafters a powerful tool for expressing their creative visions using fabric.

I asked for an invitation about a month ago – so if you’re interested in it too, hopefully your wait won’t be very long either. Can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with!

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