New Baby’s Bris

Here are some pics from the new baby’s bris! Now that he’s had his bris, he has his “real” name and his Hebrew name now. Here on DFK I’m going to do the same thing as I did with Shug and just call him by his nickname. It’s…”Shugie”. I know!! But we just started calling him that right after we found out I was pregnant and it just stuck. Plus, it worked whether we were having a girl or a boy. So here, he’ll be Shugie.

Anyway, he did really great at the bris. We had it right after morning minyan at Temple. The great thing about doing it at Temple rather than at home is that you never know exactly how many people (20 or 40 or more?) are going to attend (you don’t send invitations out for a bris), you have it catered so you don’t have to worry about food, and the other thing is, after the bris is over and everyone has eaten, you can just leave and go back to the peace and quiet of home!

Here we are:

Shugie's Bris

We had a Jewish-Southern breakfast. Pimento cheese triangles on rye cut without the crust, cheese grits, lox and cream cheese with bagels, a fruit bowl, all kinds of pastries, peanut butter/chocolate buckeyes, praline cheesecake, ((it was all *wonderful* – thank you Fred!!)) and along with orange juice and other regular drinks we had Southern beers: Lazy Magnolia and Dixie, and Jewish beer: He’brew! Hahaha!

We tried to have fun with it! In fact, being the proud Papa, Av handed out cigars…Kinky Friedman Texas Jewboys!! And for the centerpieces on each table, I made cotton boll arrangements tied in blue patterned ribbon, in Mason jars with dried blackeyed peas as the filler.

We’re all at home! Thanks again for all the sweet calls and emails!

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