Kentuck, Part 2

I talked for a while with Bettye Kimbrell, who won one of the 11 NEA National Heritage Fellowship awards this year. This is one of the quilts she brought as a demonstrator this year at Kentuck:

I asked her if she had any idea she might win this year, and she said that she knew she had gotten nominated four years ago, but the call was a complete surprise – plus she was up against something like over 200 different artists – so it was *such* an honor. She didn’t bring any quilts for sale this year; I asked her if she was taking commissions, that I would love to talk with her about making a baby blanket, but she said that she wasn’t taking any commissions at all and was just quilting for the fun of it. Although I’d love to have a quilt of hers…good for her for just doing what’s fun!

These next three are by Jim Shores of Rome, Georgia:

The angel wings are keys strung together:

Charlie Lucas, the Tin Man:

Art from Annie T, Mose T’s daughter:

Quilts by Yvonne Wells:

…and an alligator made up of bottlecaps, by Dr. Bob (who’s best known for his “Be Nice or Leave” signs):

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