Kentuck, Part 1

I’ve got so many pics from Kentuck I’m making it into four different posts – here’s the first:

This is Sam McMillan, also known as “Sam the Dot Man” from Winston-Salem, North Carolina – there’s a website with more about him here.

Ruby C. Williams from Plant City, Florida – she started out making signs for her roadside produce stand and got encouraged to do more painting, so…

Missionary Mary Proctor:

This is one of her more common designs: “The Story of My Grandma Blue Willow Plates”:

“Oh how I remember when I was a child, I broke my Grandma old Blue Willow plates. I thought she would whip me, instead she held my hands and said I forgive you because just yesterday G-d forgave me. He said one must forgive to be forgiven.”

There was a *lot* of political art there this weekend. This was by Mike Hanning of Jacksonville Florida:

…who did face jugs of both Obama and McCain too:

Ab the Flagman (btw his website has music):

Metalwork, including a bottle tree arch from Mike Esslinger of Clarkesville, Georgia:

Randy Gachet of B’ham – those are tire sculptures.

Here we are! Oh – when we were driving up, Av told them how many weeks pregnant I was and asked if we could get a good park “just in case” – y’all, they put us right at the front gate!! How nice is that!?

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