Happy Fall Y’all, And Gourmet

Ellen from Hamilton sent me a pic of her Fall decorations – isn’t it all great? Love the gas-attendant scarecrow and *especially* the sign!

The October issue of Gourmet is their annual Restaurant Issue, and this time they mentioned the Dew Drop Inn (in Mobile) and their hotdogs – pretty good. Then in the actual “Restaurant Guide” feature, they detail restaurants that opened before 1941 when the magazine debuted that they are still enamored with:

Giardina’s in Greenwood, Mississippi – it has the curtained booths just like at Lusco’s (although I have to say, I like Lusco’s better). The only strange thing about the article is that they say “to sound like a local, pronounce the name Gardeena’s, not the technically correct Jardeena’s.” Thing is, though, while they’re right that the Italian way to say the name is “Jardeena” and the Giardina family says “Gardeena”, everybody instead calls the restaurant “Gardenia’s”.

And since we are talking about restaurants with curtained booths in the Delta – Giardina’s and Lusco’s – there is a new one in Tunica at the Horseshoe Casino named “Magnolia: A Delta Grille“. The reviewer at the Memphis Commercial Appeal liked it pretty well. Just looking at the supper menu, I think I would have to go with an appetizer or two rather than an entree: they have the “Southern Style Starter with fried pickles, tomatoes and okra with dipping sauce“, and “chicken livers three ways (blackened, fried, and sauteed)“.

I would have never in a million years thought about blackening chicken livers!

The Bright Star in Bessemer, Alabama is also mentioned. This is where Av and I would eat at least once a week, if we only lived closer. The article reads, “This centenarian restaurant – the sweet-spot where Greece meets Alabama, and country cooking of the squash casserole sort meets panfried flounder embellished with oregano and a squeeze of lemon – still packs in bankers and mechanics alike for midday meat-and-threes.” They don’t even mention supper, where the meat-and-three atmosphere all but evaporates and they serve the *best* prime rib and other more slightly elegant dishes. The article recommends “fried red snapper throats, fresh from the Gulf of Mexico, accompanied by local staples like turnip greens and field peas with snaps.”

Oh yes. This is Av’s lunch of trout amandine from a while back:

Another in the ‘Restaurant Guide’ is Galatoire’s in New Orleans. Yes-yes. All I can say is ‘crabmeat sardou’. Or ‘Friday lunch’. Oh, it’s crazy-wonderful, just to be there:

What wasn’t in Gourmet but was featured in USA Today last week – Dreamland.

…and you know what sounds like fun? Supper with Strangers.

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