Halloween Banner

The Halloween paper banner is done!

I don’t know why I’m so into paper banners / garlands this year – maybe it’s because there’s so much beautiful scrapbook paper out there…

Paper in four different patterns:
one for big main triangles (eight sheets if you do it the way I did)
one for inside main triangle (eight sheets ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “)
one for circles behind Halloween letters
one for printing Halloween letters on
Mod Podge, black foam rubber brush
Some kind of paper punch for running ribbon through
Glue – Elmer’s or Sobo is fine
Stencil and paint or download my letters with your printer
Optional: paper punches for letters and letter backgrounds

Cut the paper you’re using for the eight main triangles into a triangle shape:

I found this sort-of ornate looking paper to cut my secondary triangles out of:

I cut that paper into eight smaller triangles to fit onto the large triangle. I was just going for a Halloween look:

Used Mod-Podge to get that on:

This is a new paper punch that I picked up to make slits into paper so it’s easy to run the ribbon through – this one came from Hobby Lobby:

Close to each edge, make the slits with the paper punch (of course, you can just do this with a pair of scissors too):

Run the ribbon through – I like to use much, much more ribbon that I know I’ll need to use then cut off the excess. I ran the ribbon through all eight triangles:

Now it’s time to make letters! I had a hard time deciding what font to use, so I’ve made a PDF you can download or just open and print from and pick which of the fonts I used to make yours (I’ve got “Halloween” in seven different fonts in that file. These letters are perfect for punching out with a 2-5/16″ round punch:

With a slightly bigger punch, I punched out nine scalloped circles to go behind the Halloween letters. The main reason I did this, though, was because I needed a secure way to get my “Halloween” letters onto the garland:

Before putting those Halloween letters on, I hung the garland:

…then before and after each triangle, I stapled the scalloped circles onto the garland:

…then I used regular Sobo glue (Elmer’s is perfect too) and glued each letter of Halloween onto those scalloped circles. This covers up the staple. You don’t need to use much glue at all, and it dries super-quick so you can just go from one letter to the next without having to hold them:

And here it is, all done!

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