Frank Calloway’s Show At AVAM

On October 4th, the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore opened their 50-artist exhibit, “The Marriage of Art, Science, & Philosophy” which includes 18 scrolls of the drawings of Tuscaloosa’s Frank Calloway. He lives at the Bryce campus and is 112 years old.

His drawings are done on butcher paper with crayon, pen, and magic marker.

This is from the AP story:

His caretakers have suspended sales of his artwork until after the show after finding out that some of his drawings could sell for thousands of dollars.

Calloway views art as his job and sits at a table by a window drawing for seven to nine hours a day, usually wearing blue denim overalls and a crisp dress shirt, said Nedra Moncrief-Craig, director of Alice M. Kidd Nursing Facility, a state home where Calloway lives.

“He draws all day long except for the time that he spends in activity and eating his meals,” Moncrief-Craig said. “That’s what he loves to do.”

Exhibition Curator Rebecca Hoffberger said of Frank Calloway:

Frank is an astronaut who has navigated 112 trips around our Sun, survived untold hardships, injustices, and loss, and yet never fails to radiate kindness to all and a personal and constant engagement with wonder. His instinctive love of numbers, the patterns they make, and the way his meandering calculations balance to form the great masses of numbers that fill his large notebooks make this phenomenon of nature a real star in our national museum’s communal exploration of what Art, Science & Philosophy mean to each of us.

There are 10 pics from the exhibit here on Flickr

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