45th Annual Bluff Park Art Show, Hoover AL Plus True ‘Camp’ and More Festivals

Today we went to the art show in Bluff Park, which is part of Hoover, Alabama. It’s a nice-size show with about 125 artists. Av’s family has gone to this art show every year for the last…well…he remembers going as a small child so since the mid-’70s, anyway. Since we’ve been married, we’ve gone about every other year, just to keep things new because sometimes art shows like this don’t have a great deal of artist turnover; this year they had 21 new artists.

After writing yesterday’s post about the exhibit at the Knoxville Museum of Art and Alice Ballard’s magnolia pod, it was nice that the first tent we went to was Brenda Dailey-Parsons’ “White Sculptures” with this magnolia blossom:

She lives in Gulf Breeze. I can’t find a personal website or a gallery representing her online though.

An artist I wasn’t familiar with at all was Sloane Bibb of Decatur, and it turns out that he will be at Kentuck too.

I love this season because it’s so nice outside and there are so many art shows and festivals to go to. This weekend is also the George Ohr Fall Festival of Arts in Biloxi, which we *may* think about going to tomorrow. I wish I could find a listing of all their artists, but they have so many other demonstrations and fun contests – like adult and child mustache competitions (well, George Ohr was known for his mustache…). Ohmygosh I could think of some of the craziest mustaches to draw with an eyeliner pencil on Shug! What about McCain one one side and Obama on the other? Or make it all a really elaborate Victorian scroll? As long as it’s still cute…

Maybe on the way we could pass the “Elvis is Alive” museum in Hattiesburg (although it’s not open on Sundays). The winning bid for it on eBay last week was actually made by a child and couldn’t be honored so it went back up for sale again and no one bought it. I thought for sure someone would, but then again I guess it is hard to judge how many lovers of true camp are out there. Surely it’s just that the right person doesn’t know about it, right?

Next weekend is (in Alabama) the Tale Tellin’ Festival in Selma, the Sausage Festival in Evergreen, Oktoberfest in Cullman (it’s going on right now and if you like your Oktoberfest non-alcoholic, then…), the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores (really good), Pilgrimage in Eutaw, (in Mississippi) Fall Pilgrimage in Natchez finishes, Blues at Blue Bluff in Aberdeen, and Octoberfest in Cleveland – which is a sanctioned Memphis in May barbecue event too…

…and then there’s all kinds of things the weekend after, but all I can think of is Kentuck! We saw some people we know today at the art show and they asked if we would be going this year and we said unless I’m in active labor…hahaha!!

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