Wade Wharton To Be A Featured Artist At Monte Sano Art Show

This year’s Monte Sano Art Show will be September 20th at the Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville – and of the approximately 150 artists showing, Wade Wharton (see posts: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) will be one of four featured artists.

His sister, Nancy, sent me some pics a friend of hers took at the Huntsville Public Library when they exhibited his art there in July in August (thanks!):

Various garden flowers made from propellers, fans, etc.:

A chigger made from what looks like a tank:

Self portrait, and “noisy” sombrero made of gourds:

Bottle tree hanging:

Mr. Wharton’s hand carving:

Can’t wait to see him again!!

A listing of artists showing this year is here. I saw many names that we know (Jerry Brown will be there which makes it wonderful just for that) and many more that we are totally unfamiliar with.

This weekend is ArtWalk in B’ham – a list of artists showing downtown is here.

One of the artists that is totally new to me is Beth Borden, who makes sculptures with kudzu – there are pics of her work on MySpace here.

Okay…I have *got* to see that.

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