The Elvis Is Alive Museum Is On eBay

Av noticed in the paper today that the Elvis is Alive Museum is for sale on eBay. It is in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The current owner, Andy Key, purchased the museum on eBay last year for $8300. Right now it has a starting bid of $15,000 – he says in the listing that he’s invested $40,000 including the value that’s been added since he and his wife have added content to the museum plus a gift shop and grill.

This 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo is included, also a “real casket with a wax headed figure, several flower sprays, and drapes to create the funeral scene”.

The reasons behind why Elvis is believed to still be alive are there too…and there are *lots* of other things included in the listing – like:

“Rights to the DNA test results which compared tissue samples from Elvis’ two biopsies, to tissue samples from the body autopsied as Elvis, which cost $2,200.00. The two DNA’s did not match.”

“Several Bradford plates, including an extremely rare ‘On Stage from Hawaii” light up plate.”

“Over 600 Pages of FBI files that document the fact that Elvis worked with the FBI and DEA.”

“One 2×3 and One 3×5 ‘Elvis Lives’ Rug”

…and much, much more…

The eBay listing is here.

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