That Seems…Excessive

I don’t put out our Fall decorations until October 1st each year but have been enjoying *so much* seeing all the beautiful mums and pumpkins available already.

It seems like things are going to be costing a lot more this year! We go to the farmer’s markets to get our decorations (sugar cane, dried corn stalks, Indian corn, pumpkins, hay bales, gourds, etc.) but I noticed at Home Depot that they had these giant mums – the ones on the second level that are just about to start blooming:

…and they were $50 each!

And then yesterday when Shug and I went to Whole Foods, we saw (forgot my camera and took this pic with my phone) a big display of pumpkins, but do you see the large pumpkin there in the middle?:

That’s right. It’s $79.99.

Can you imagine!?

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