Rosh Hashanah Craft: Apple Magnets and Thumbtacks

I keep thinking of crafts that I can share with our children when they get older, and since the High Holidays are coming up, I was thinking of little things for Rosh Hashanah – like little Sculpey apples (it’s traditional to eat apples dipped in honey for the holiday, to symbolize that the upcoming year will be sweet). I didn’t have a lot of light Sculpey so these turned out smaller than I intended, but the idea works and I was able to make these into magnets and thumbtacks – so…

Red Sculpey
White Sculpey
Black Sculpey
Brown Sculpey
Leaf Green Sculpey
magnets, thumbtacks, or both
hot glue gun
Ultra-fine Sharpey marker if you want to write the Hebrew year on them for R/H
tools that are nice to have: pasta roller, acrylic roller, Sculpey cutting blade, stylus tool for making ‘seeds’

Preheat the oven to 275*.

First I rolled out the white Sculpey into two long tubes (they’re also called ‘snakes’ in Sculpey-speak) then pushed them together and tried to shape them overall into an overall apple shape:

…rolled out a long sheet of red for the apple skin, and covered the white with that, then used the cutting blade to make apple slices:

…rolled out a sheet of black Sculpey for apple seeds:

…just used the stylus to pick up a tiny bit:

…then placed that right on the apple slice (I used this same method for watermelons and it works great):

Next, roll out a tiny-tiny brown snake for the apple stem, cut those into pieces; roll out a sheet of green for the leaves, pinch off a bit and make into a leaf shape; use the cutting blade to make a cut into the top of the apple slice and put both those in, then mash a bit so they connect well:

On a parchment-lined cookie sheet, bake these at 275* for 15-18 minutes – you’ll have a ton of these, but I wanted to bake these first ones off to see:

Once they cooled off, I hot-glued magnets to some and thumbtacks to others:

I used an ultra-fine Sharpie and wrote the upcoming Hebrew year, 5769, onto one of the apple slices – here are the thumbtacks:

When I make these again I’m going to work harder at making the overall apple shape more…apple-y…but overall they turned out pretty cute!

A set of these might make a nice present for a teacher for the holidays, or just for everyday use, or…

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