If You Hear Banjo Music, Or a Rat Jumps On Your Chest, Take Off Running

We had a delivery last week, and honest-to-goodness, this was what the company was called:

When they first pulled up, I thought “oh this is going to be fun – the owner must have a great sense of humor” but after they came up all our stairs…well…you have never heard so much groaning and hummmpppppfffffrrrrrr-ing and almost-cursing in all your life. Didn’t even acknowledge ‘the lady of the house’ after I said ‘hi!’.

A couple of weeks ago our ice maker went out and we called the appliance service company to get it fixed. Well you *know* I love to ask people about their jobs and what is the most interesting thing about it and etc etc etc.

Oh this reminds me really quick – the other day Leslie and I went to Ruth’s Chris for a girls’ lunch while Av watched Shug. Our server was pretty chatty so I asked if he would mind sharing why it is that sometimes we get a thank-you letter from the waiter in the mail a couple of days later and sometimes we do not. We were told that it is because each night the waiters have to choose two guests’ tables out of all the ones they serve – anybody they want – and write them a letter of thanks. It’s just one of the things that the waiters have to do.

He also told a story about how a man came into the restaurant once and ordered a – oh, I don’t remember exactly, let’s say a 48oz porterhouse. Rare. Didn’t order anything at all for his kids. Then he complained when he got his steak that it was…well, you know…rare. Hmmm, the nerve of Ruth’s Chris serving a rare steak rare! He said that they have people come in just trying to get their meal free for whatever reason.

I will say that we once got our meal free at Ruth’s Chris (not planned for sure!) several years ago. We had a new server, and you could tell he was just nervous as everything. When he was putting the plates down, his hand was just *shaking* and when my plate was put on the table, he did it too hard by accident and that hot butter splattered up on me. Well, you know they cook their steaks at 1800* (seriously) so although the butter wasn’t still lava-like when they brought it out, it was still pretty hot! I got a few very small burns on my arms and they even had to bring out the burn ointment, and the manager ran out and offered to pay my dry cleaning bill and took care of our check.

Anyway – our service guy comes over to fix the ice maker, and it has to be replaced. While we’re sitting there talking, we’re just chit-chatting and I asked him what the weirdest situation he had ever been in on the job – you know, he goes all over town to all kinds of peoples’ homes, he must have all kinds of great stories – well he did have some good ones (one was about a house where they had some kind of crazy indoor zoo going on and a pet tarantula landed on his head). I asked him if he had ever refused to do a job…and he said that once he was at a home about two blocks from ours…these are homes that are bigger than ours and cost over a million dollars each…super-super-super-nice houses. He said that these people had their oven go out, so he had to pull it out and when he did, a giant rat (a *rat* y’all!!) jumped right on his chest!!! Ohmygosh!!! He said he used to be a Marine so he knows how to keep his cool, but that he just gathered his things and walked right out the front door. Crazy!! I would have had to have been taken out on an ambulance stretcher! hahahaha!

Meanwhile, Darlene has to deal with some insane squirrel-on-drugs at her house!

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