Huntsville Is Getting A Big Tree And We Make The Leaves

Back in May, I wrote about how Jennifer Marsh of the International Fiber Collaborative was moving to Huntsville to teach at UAH – and how she was thinking about doing a WRAP project there like what she coordinated in New York:

(used with permission)

Well, rather than covering a gas station, she’s doing something different and needs lots & lots of help. This is from the email I got from her yesterday:

The title of this sculpture is called Interdependence. We will create a full sized tree that will be on display in April ’09 at Big Springs International Park in Huntsville, AL.

Much like a live tree is interdependent on its leaves/roots for survival, like-minded societies are interdependent on the greater whole, family units, communities, countries.

I am calling for participants around the world to create leaves to contribute to the creation of the tree. In total I am looking for 30,000 leaves.

Your leaf can be fiber/fiber technique related. Example: you can think about the ecologically interdependence of societies and then think about recycling and reusing of materials. (Plastics, Old Fabric, etc.) You can be as creative as you will for what materials and techniques you use, you can paint, stitch, crochet, patch, quilt, knit, glue (water resistant glue), just keep a fiber twist to it in some way.

Each Leaf should measure roughly 2 1/2″ wide (at it’s thickest point) x 4 1/2″ from end to end. You do have the option to give it shape and dimension.

Your welcome to consider interdependence in a social, economical, political, ecological, or geographical way.

The tree’s trunk and branches will all be wrapped with handmade fiber sleeves.

Leaves are due by March 15, 2009.

Please check out the website for updates concerning mailing instructions. The website will be updated with details on the new project with in the following weeks.

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