Gee’s Bend – Inspired Glass?

Av pointed out an article in the B’ham News yesterday for a woman named Deborah Ballog who is a glass artist. The top pic in the article has this text:

The glass patchwork quilt is inspired by Gee’s Bend quilts. Deborah Ballog begins by cutting and using different colored glass into a color block. With a hand-held glass cutter, she slices the color block. Two slices are pieces together following a Gee’s Bend quilt pattern and fused to form a single square within each patch.

The article was really nice, and it featured a couple of pics of her “fused patches for a Gee’s Bend-inspired quilt” – except really rather than using the word “inspired” they should have also said “pretty exact match, except you can’t get it much closer when you’re using glass”. I mean they are *so close* to the original quilt designs!

Okay, I don’t have all the quilt designs she used to show here, but take for an example the Gee’s Bend USPS stamps:

…and think of other Gee’s Bend designs that are pretty famous, including the ones on these books:

…and now take a look at this page to see pics of her work. Wow!

I’m not sure if we will be able to see her exhibit, but it’s at an event called “Art by the Lake benefiting Hannah Home Shelby” on Sunday from noon to 5pm. They are accepting a minimum donation of $20 for entry, which includes the exhibit plus lunch.

Here are the directions, from the paper:

Where: Deerwood Lake in Harpersille. From Birmingham take U.S. 280 East (away from town) approximately 11 miles past Chelsea to Mile Marker 24. Turn left onto Old Highway 280 and go to Deerwood Lake Drive. Go through gate to first stop sign. Continue straight to the main dock.

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