Encyclopedia of Alabama

The Encyclopedia of Alabama website has been ‘live’ as of last Monday – there are lots of good articles, and they asked (and I said ‘yes’) to use a bunch of my pics too. The website is here.

I didn’t realize until someone at Auburn had contacted me that universities even did these online state encyclopedias as projects – but Georgia and Washington both have really nice ones.

Av and I both grew up with World Book – and I had to look up just now to see if they still made a physical set of encyclopedia volumes (they do – a set of 2008s is $1089). World Book also made those great Childcraft books too…Av’s mother saves everything so I bet we can use his set for our kids. Looooved those. Then there were the ones that were sold at the grocery store. Was it that you had to buy a certain amount of groceries and then you could buy a different volume at a lower cost? Av remembers Golden Book Encyclopedias and I think I remember Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedias done that way. It was *so* convenient if you had your own set of books because back in…you know, the ’80s…you’d have to go all the way to the library to look something up otherwise…

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