Big Daddy And His Ribs

The B’ham News did a contest recently on where the best ribs were closeby. And of all the places in the metro area, the winner was a little restaurant in Warrior, Alabama, which is about 20 or so minutes north of downtown.

It’s called Big Daddy’s Bar-B-Q:

When we were walking in, there was a sign on the front door saying that to get a slab of ribs you had to order at least 48 hours in advance because of the increase in demand. When we sat down to eat, I asked the server how much difference in business they had since the article came out, and she said that you just could not believe.

They still had rib plates available for dine-in. Av says that these were good but that The Pig Stand in Hartselle, Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur, and Archibald’s in Northport are still the best in the state.

I just had the regular barbecue plate and it was good:

Delta SkyMagazine did a feature in 2005 called “Rhapsody in ’Cue” and since then they have kept a listing of barbecue places that readers recommend – the state-by-state listing is here.

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